Basics of Data Science – Virtual Bootcamp

This three hours online course with certificate is a recording of a program by Dr Afnizanfaizal Abdullah. He is the Founder of Synapse Innovation and CTO of Aerodyne Technology Sdn Bhd. The purpose of this program is to give an introduction to the subject of Data Science and show an application of Data Science in real life.

Data science has become one of the prominent subjects in the era of the 4th industrial Revolution. In this program, you will learn about data science, particularly on how to gather, clean, manipulate, analyze and visualize data from sources to provide insights of complex problems. Plus, you will be expose with machine learning techniques and apply them to find patterns in the data, putting solid knowledge into practice.


1. Introduction to Data Science

2. Data collection & Pre-Processing

3. Exploratory Data Analysis

4. Machine Learning for data Mining

5. Data Visualization



This course is suitable for beginners in data science subject.

Presentation Notes

35 pages

Session 1

Introduction to Data Science
1 hour 30 min
1. Introduction to Data Science, 2. Data collection & Pre-Processing, 3. Exploratory Data Analysis

Session 2

Continuation on Data Science
1 hour 40 min
4. Machine Learning for data Mining, 5. Data Visualization

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