Introduction to Aquaponics: Sustainable farming for city lifestyle

This 2 hours short course is a compilation of various information and explanation from various instructor on Aquaponic farming for people living in city, high rise or urban area. Aquaponic is a way of sustainable farming by growing your own protein and vegetable food. It can be done in small space area with sufficient light & proper initial set up. The key point to aquaponic is after the initial set up, the aquaponic system is supposed to be self sustaining.

This course is suitable for:

  • People who are interested in doing sustainable farming
  • want to do both at the same time, rear fish and grown vegetable
  • People with limited space to farm


At the end of this course you will learn how to:

  • set up a basic aquaponic system
  • select the best type of fish and vegetable
  • decide on how to improvise according to your own settings.

Introduction to Aquaponic
5 min

A brief video on Introduction to Aquaphonic & how it works.

The Different Types of Aquaponics Systems
DIY Backyard Aquaponics
15 min

Step by step how to build your backyard or compact aquaponics DIY

5 Mistakes In Aquaponics
8 Min
What Are The Best Plant To Grow In Aquaponics?
10 min
What Are The Best Fish For Aquaponics
10 Min
Why Nitrification Matters In Aquaponics
10 min
What You Should Really Know About Fish Food In Aquaponics
10 min
Create A Better Aquarium With Aquaponics
15 min
Fish Tank To Grow Bed Ratio
15 min
DWC or Media Bed In Small Space
5 min
Aquaponic Vs Soil
6 min
The Waiting Game
20 min

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Introduction to Aquaponics: Sustainable farming for city lifestyle