Become An Effective Communicator Master Course

If you are frustrated in your professional or family relationships and are struggling to communicate your point of view effectively and influence people to do what you want, then this “Become an Effective Communicator” master course is for you.

This recorded 2.5 hours master course enables Muslim professionals to stop feeling frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed with relationships at home or work and feel optimistic, confident and ready to face challenges, while enjoying working with different kinds of people in various circumstances.

At home, this course can aid the attendee in becoming more appreciative and understanding spouse by modelling Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and stop feeling regretful and frustrated.

At work, it would empower the attendee to be an effective people manager by leveraging lessons from Prophet’s ﷺ interactions and thereby stop struggling with influencing and motivating people. It can help one to move from being the object of sympathy of one’s colleagues to being admired by them and get noticed by management for promotions.

What will the course help you in? 

  • Understanding the impact of communications in dunya and akhira
  • Applying the fundamental principles of effective communication
  • Being more socially aware and uses hikmah according to situation
  • Becoming authentic and credible
  • Practicing empathy
  • Communicating clearly and assertively
  • Becoming an astute listener
  • Utilizing body language effectively
  • Attracting people towards you using the two Gs – Gentleness and Generosity

Aims of the course: 

Facilitate the attendee to become more effective in communication at home and work by learning and applying the fundamental principles of effective communication reflecting upon the Prophetic way. This course is based on the book “7 Principles of Effective Communication: The Prophetic Way” authored by the instructor Muhammad Javed, who is a management and leadership corporate trainer and founder of


About the Instructor:

Muhammad Javed facilitates leadership and professional development training in the corporate and education sectors. He has a rich and diverse experience spanning many continents as an analyst, business process consultant, entrepreneur and trainer in numerous industries and has also worked as a management and professional trainer in arguably one of the world’s largest companies. He is a certified Thomas International Trait Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue) practitioner as well as formerly certified as an Association for Talent Development (ATD), DISC Personality Types and Franklin Covey Business Communication trainer.

Muhammad is the founder of an online training academy, Muslim Launchpad (, catering to Muslim Professionals empowering them to become emotionally and spiritually intelligent leaders through world-class professional and leadership development programs tailored uniquely from an Islamic Perspective. Muhammad’s keen interest in the leadership arena has driven him to author multiple books such as “7 Principles of Effective Communication” and “Emotional Intelligence: The Prophetic Way”.

He is also an avid seeker of Islamic knowledge and an active volunteer.



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Become An Effective Communicator Master Course