Fintech For Beginners

This recorded short course with duration around 5 hours is a Fintech course provided for beginner who initially wants to learn the basic and overview of financial technology especially in Malaysia landscape.  In this course students will be exposed with current trend in moving towards digitalization. They can equip themselves with adequate knowledge. Many job vacancies nowadays require skill in  digitalization and financial technology. Students able to blend well with industry needs.

The emergence of Fintech is still new to many students and also practitioner who also want to involve in digital business. The course will expose participants with the basic knowledge of Fintech and its demands in current market. Furthermore, the necessity of AI and Big Data in financial markets has attracted many giant businesses to utilize both technologies in order to facilitate their operation and marketing. On top of that, Islamic Fintech has also taken over the demands in Muslims’ countries. Global Islamic fintech is estimated at US$79 billion (0.83% of global transactions) in 2021, with expected growth reaching US$179 billion by 2026. The last topic shall cover on the Shariah issues in related to Fintech in order to open up participants’ eyes on the emergence of new competitor which is Islamic Fintech.


Speakers for this course are:

  1. First Panel for Introduction to Financial Technology (Fintech)
    NAME: Dr Hazik Mohamed
    DESIGNATION: Managing Director of Stellar Consulting Group
  2. Second Panel for AI and BIG DATA in Financial Market
    Name: Dr. Ng Sok Choo
    Designation: Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Arts
  3. Third Panel for Shariah Issue in Islamic Fintech
    Name: Dr Ismail Nizam
    Designation: Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Busines


The objectives of this course are to :

  1. Understand the technologies that are impacting the business firms and financial market.
  2. Develop business by developing/improving a new/existing in technological product related to digital business and financial market.
  3. Understand the shariah/legal issues evolving around Fintech domestically and internationally.


Upon completion of this programme, participant should be able to:

  1. Understand the overview of Fintech in Malaysia and globally
  2. Comprehend the application of AI and Big Data in Financial markets
  3. Expose to Shariah issues/challenges in Islamic Fintech

Introduction to Fintech

Introduction to Fintech : 1st Session
1 hour
  1. Rationale to Financial Disruption
  2. Digital Transformation To The Economy
  3. Shifts in Consumer Behavior
Introduction to Fintech : 2nd Session
1 hour 15 min

4 . Types of Fintech

AI & Big Data

Introduction to AI & Big Data
2 min
Topic 1
18 min
Topic 2 part 1
5 min
Topic 2 part 2
13 min
Topic 2 part 3
27 min
Topic 2 part 4
3 min
Topic 2 part 5
26 min
Topic 2 part 6
2 min
Topic 3
10 Min
Topic 4
15 min
Topic 5
6 min
Topic 6
6 min
Topic 7
6 min

Shariah Issues In Islamic Fintech

Topic 3: Shariah Issues In Islamic Fintech
1 hour 5 min

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